Stay Informed!
Keep up with the changing weather conditions and/or alerts for your area. If a winter or severe storm is approaching, take steps to be prepared. Don’t wait until it is here before you act. Here is a list of some useful items to have on hand in case the power goes out.

Flashlights, battery powered lanterns.  Be extremely careful with any flame type lighting.

Portable Radios:
NOAA weather radio will keep you informed on weather changes.

Extra sets for flashlights and radios.

Canned items that do not require refrigeration.

Manual can opener:
For extended outages use the most perishable items first.

Keep some extra gallons of drinking water. Freeze some extra water in plastic containers. Not only will it give you extra fresh water, it will also help to keep items cold in your fridge or freezer longer. For anyone operating on a well, before a storm moves in you may consider filling tubs with water. The water in the tub will give you a supply to fill the tank on the commode making it operable.

Outside grill:
For those with total electric homes, an outside grill, if accessible, will give you means to cook with the power off.  Never use an outside grill inside the house.

For winter storms have some type of de-icer ready. This will allow you access to the outside grill or driveway. Salt works, but it will damage your cement driveway.

Books, board games

Keep some extra blankets, sleeping bags, and/or quilts for additional warmth during winter outages. Don’t use fuel-fired heaters in a non-vented environment.