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Surge Suppressors and Meter Socket Adapters (MSA)


Surge Suppressors:

Model V1500D - Used for satellite and cable television connections. Equipped with eight electrical outlets, coaxial connections, and a three foot cord. 

Cost: $75.00 

Warranty: Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), the V1500 series, are warranted for life. If a surge should pass through a TVSS and cause damage to the equipment correctly connected to it, the manufacture will pay up to $ 6000.00 per device per occurrence for repair or replacement with a $ 6,000,000 limit total per location.


Meter Socket Adapters:

Provides added protection for a home's major motor-driven appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, heating and air-conditioning units, etc) against damage due to power surges or lightning strikes that pass through the meter base and the MSA. Pool pumps and well pumps ARE NOT covered by a MSA. 

This product is only offered to Jefferson Energy Cooperative members. 

Cost: $ 5.75 Monthly 

Jefferson Energy installs a Meter Socket Adapter (MSA) on the meter base. We maintain the unit and replace it if it goes bad. 

MSA's are under the same warranty as the in-home suppressors. There is no deductible on anything that is damaged due to the failure of the device if a surge does pass the meter base and the MSA device. 

For all Surge Suppressor and MSA inquires, contact Jefferson Energy Cooperative at 706-547-2167.


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