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Solar FAQs


Is Solar Energy Right for You?

Talk to Jefferson Energy about your solar options, or visit Green Power EMC's website at

Rooftop Solar

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much sun is in my area?
  • Is my rooftop suitable?
  • Does my roof face the proper diretion for optimum sunlight?
  • Have I considered the up-front and ongoing costs for purchasing or leasing solar panels?
  • How much solar power do I want to generate?
  • How much money can I save?
  • What is the payback period?
  • What maintenance is required?
  • Will I remain connected to my local energy supplier's grid?
  • What are my local EMC's policies regarding supplying supplemental power or taking excess power my rooftop solar system might generate?

The Green Power EMC webiste, and Jefferson Energy can give you answers.


To see an update on Silicon Ranch in Hazlehurst click on the link below.


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